Tuesday February 3

Today we started the day briefly with Bellwork.

WE then moved into our biweekly rotations of Social Studies, Science and Health.  Because I am in charge of the S.S., That is what I will discuss until we rotate again.  Today we continued work on Chapter 4 in the Wyoming History book.  We started by discussing the 5 questions about the Oregon Trail.  Then we discussed the answers to the vocabulary words.  Next, I sent the kids to work in their groups completing the Wyoming map and labeling the 7 items discussed.  Finally they worked on identifying as many animals native to the Oregon Trail as they could.  Before Thursday, They are to have the word search completed.

Next we had Math Game day with a focus on Angle Tangle.  The kids make different measured angles and then their partner needs to guess the measure.  Then they measure the angle and subtract the difference.  The person who is the least off wins the round.

After lunch we read and used our Thinking Strategies with theme in mind. Next the class worked on their advertisements.  And continued working after recess.

It was a great day today!