End of Class Reflection

Throughout this class, I feel like I have received a wonderful amount of information regarding setting up my lesson plans in a manner that allows for maximum engagement, interaction between students and teachers, and effectiveness of the time use and content management.  This course has allowed me a simple and effective method for planning each lesson for student success and allowing built in time for enrichment and intervention time.  The plan setup also allows appropriate space and time given to assessment and adjustments that may need to be made due to unplanned adjustments.

There are a few ways I may change the GAME plan after reading and reviewing the plans of my colleagues in the class.  Seeing some of the different ways they interacted with their students and ways in which they assessed their students showed me some new methods to implement in my class and integrate into my plans.  The rubric sites some of my classmates used were wonderful and I plan on using them immediately in my own instructional plan.

I will also modify some of the strategies I will use in my class according to the different subjects that were displayed in my classmates plans.  I saw some great reading, social studies, science and writing plans that I will adjust and modify for my own class’s needs.  Borrowing from fellow teachers is indeed the greatest form of flattery.

An immediate change that will take in my teaching practice will be to use the format this course provided through the GAME plan.  I have already began using this when setting up my weekly plans in the planbook.com subscription teacher planning application I use.  The use of technology in my day to day teaching has increased ten fold and the effectiveness of it has substantially strengthened since this course began.

The use of problem based learning (PBL), social networking, and digital storytelling all have special places in my teaching spectrum now that I fully am aware of the power they hold for teachers and students.  I am thankful of all the crucial information this course has shared and look forward to bettering my own teaching from its information.




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