Set Goals:

What do I want to know or be able to do?

1. Engage students in exploring real-world issues and solving authentic problems using digital tools and resources.

2. Promote student reflection using collaborative tools to reveal and clarify students’ conceptual understanding and thinking, planning, and creative processes.

What do I already know about the topic?

1. I already know how to engage students using digital tool and resources but I need to hone these skills into the specific exploring of real world issues and solving authentic problems, and not just hypothetical problems.  

2. The reflection process is one in which I also struggle. The use of collaboration tools in technology is an easy way to remedy this deficiency in my classroom.  

How will I know I have been successful?

I know I will be successful in both areas once my students are able to access and process real-world problems happening in today’s society and implement the tools, strategies and resources I have taught them to analyze and help solve them. The students being able to reflect on their process by using technology will be a sign I have been successful in my goal number two for this assignment.  


Take Action:

What information do I need to meet my goal?

To meet both goals I will need to research some tools strategies other teachers have used to aid in their students solving real-world problems and ways for them to collaborate in the process. I will also refer to other teachers on the Edmodo community and speak to the technology gurus in my district.  

What learning strategy will I use?

I will use the brainstorming strategy in the beginning to generate ideas and possible tools and resources for the tasks at hand. I will use the internet and other teachers to search for ideas to accomplish my goals. I will also have students generate different real-world questions and problems they would be interested in discussing and then begin work on trying to help solve them.  

What resources are needed?

I will use the internet and community boards to search for ideas in these two areas. I will tap into the Technology Integration Specialists in my district and colleagues who I think can help me on my journey.  



Am I finding the information I need?

Once I begin this assignment I will easily be able to decide whether the sites and resources are useful by going back and looking at the goals set in the beginning of the process. Having my colleagues look over the material I uncover in my research will also help guide me in the right direction. I will also use the Edmodo community to ask questions about the information I have obtained and whether they feel it is useful.

What patterns are emerging from the information resources?

Do I need to modify my action plan?


Evaluate and Extend:

I will evaluate my learning goals and whether I have met them by how well my students are performing on the specific tasks they have been given. I will also look at whether my students are using more creativity in their collaboration and whether the tools I have given them reach all the learners and ensure their engagement.  

Extending my thinking will depend on how far the students get in the assignment and what they are able to accomplish. The effectiveness of the collaboration tools I can put in place will also help guide my extended planning for these areas of interest.  

Have I met my learning goals?

If not, Should I modify my goals or my learning strategies?

What will I do differently in the future?





4 thoughts on “GAME Plan

  1. Hello,

    You stated you wanted to “promote student reflection using collaborative tools to reveal and clarify students’ conceptual understanding and thinking, planning, and creative processes”. It is invaluable for providing students with immediate feedback and informing instruction to meet the needs of our students. Kuhlthau, Maniotes & Caspari (2007) suggest assessment should be “infused throughout the learning and teaching experience rather than limited to final outcomes” (p. 111). When utilizing technology we are supporting creative thinking but also promoting self-directed learning (SDL). SDL views learners as responsible owners and managers of their own learning process, this allows learners to be more effective and social learner. It is our job as an educator to raise student awareness of their roles in learning process. We also need to ensure our students establish the habit of self-monitoring by encouraging our students to reflect on what they did. Dr. Cennamo (2009) notes that it is equally important to have students evaluate their end product, as well as the process they used to get there.



    1. Hi Michele,
      I would have to totally agree that assessment should be completely infused throughout the learning and not simply a final destination. I also see the critical point of having the students evaluate themselves as part of the learning process.
      Thanks for commenting.


  2. Hi Joshua,

    I really enjoyed reading your blog. What a great, simple, clear way to describe your GAME plan! It looks like you have some experience in working with technology tools (your website looks awesome!) I also see you understand the vital need for you as an educator to continue to explore and learn about new ways to incorporate technology in your lessons. Although we teach different grades and subjects (I am a high-school French teacher), I noticed we both have in mind the importance of authentic material and the reflective component to create a more meaningful learning experience.

    For example,in one of my classes, the students prepared a skit in French in small groups. I asked the groups to videotape each other and to write a critique about their performances. They did not really like the idea at first, but they finally enjoyed the critique part and told me it helped them improve. Would you be able to do something similar for a lower grade?


    1. Hi Florentina,
      Thanks for the comment. Also thank you for the compliments about my website. I do feel comfortable with integrating technology in my classroom. The importance of authentic materials and reflection are important. I love the idea of a skit in the classroom. Videoing one another is so wonderful to allow the students to see what they are doing and assessing themselves that I do this white often in my own class. I do have the class present their book reports and informative writing through videos on the iPads. They are expected to edit and present their movies in iMovie as well. This is a great way to involve the class and get them ready for the 21st Century.


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