6711 Reflection Post

When looking back at my own Personal Theory of Learning, I have concluded that I was accurate in my belief that all the major foundations of theory are present in my own personal classroom.  The behaviorist view is the foundation of my classroom management system.  The cognitivist view is prevalent in how I plan my lessons and view the learner’s mind when it comes to processing information, synthesizing that information, and finally storing and accessing that information.  And finally, the constructivist view focuses on the creation of an artifact to help concretize the concepts into the learners minds.

One immediate adjustment I will make is the implementation of 1-2 instructional strategies into my own teaching.  For the remainder of this year and to start the next year, I will implement the cooperative learning strategy and the nonlinguistic representation strategy while planning and carrying out all my lessons across all the content areas.

Two technological tools I will use with my students are the graphic organizer mind map online tool to help my students better understand the similarities and differences found in certain topics and guide them on virtual tours for introducing and reviewing concepts.  The second will be the Voice Thread site and app where I am able to post pictures and diagrams and leave voice, text, or video explanation for the slides and the class will be able to collaborate and reply to the information on the slides.

My teaching has expanded exponentially with this class and truly understanding the nuts and bolts that make up the underlying pieces in the educational community will stay with me forever.

One long-term change I would like to make in my class is staying up to date with the newest technology tools for the classroom and making sure to keep my class actively engaged and accessing the different modes that stimulate student learning.

The second long-term change I would like to look at making would be having the students take a more active role in their learning and fostering a “flipped classroom” so the students are able to learn at their own pace.  I am looking more in-depth at this learning style and my new knowledge from this course has made this change possible with the new tools that I have at my disposal.


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