Masters Class Final Reflection Post

The first thing I would like to say about this course is that it truly solidified my passion and interest for implementing technology into the classroom and using all methods available to enhance my classroom and my lessons to engage and challenge my students.  Challenging my class and pushing them to become prepared citizens for the 21st Century workplace is my job, and I will do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Working through this class and learning things like wikis, podcasts, RSS feeders, and bettering my blog-o-sphere, I could not be happier with the progress that has been made in terms of integrating technology into my classroom.  The deepening of these concepts has enabled me to reach students through the use of different modes of instruction and processes in which they can present their understandings.

I felt like I was a pretty learner-centered teacher.  I wouldn’t stand at the front of the room and lecture all the live-long day.  But after this course, I realized there are numerous ways in which the students can express their learning and demonstrate the focal concepts.  Posting to blogs, updating wikis, and posting podcasts are just a few examples of modes in which my students now show what they know.

I will continue to expand my knowledge of learning, teaching, and leading with technology for student achievement by staying on top of the newest products, teachings, and processes to reach all students.  I will also continue to check teaching blogs and websites to help get ideas.  I will also continue to aid my fellow colleagues in the implementation of new technology and support those who need assistance in their classrooms.

One long-term goal I have is to petition my district’s head technology director to loosen the reigns a little to allow teachers and students to take full advantage of the advances in educational technology.  I will do this by setting up meetings and attending every collaboration meeting offered to discuss the state of the district and the direction in which we are heading with the use of technology to advance student objectives.

My second goal is related to becoming a Technology Integration Specialist in my district.  These positions consist of teaching teachers and administrators about the importance of properly using technology in the classroom and all the advantages that will take place.  I will work toward this goal by continuing my education through Walden and apply to various positions as they become available.  Education and technology are my passion, and joining them together is a perfect combination for me to reach my goals.


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