Monday February 2

Today was the start of a new week.

Weekly homework includes the following items that are all due Friday:

Bellwork 21
Edmodo Assignment
Reading Log
Daily Math Boxes
Spelling Unit 21
Write Source pages 40-43
AR Book Advertisement Video Completion

Today we started the day with our weekly Monday Assembly.  My son Everest received Math Master.  This is when the student masters the multiplication and division facts required by the district in the allotted time frame.

We began by organizing the new Bellworks for the week.  I will scan and upload an example of the Bellwork as an example.

Next in Math we took an assessment for Unit 6.

It was a specialist Art Day!

After Art, we took the Unit 20 Spelling Test and moved onto Unit 21 which concentrates on the schwa sound.

We switched up classroom jobs today and with that rotated seats too!

After lunch, in Reading, I spoke about THEMES.  Using the 3 Pigs as an example, I sent the kids out to research common book themes.  The class needed to write down 10 main themes and then decide which theme their current book possess.
After reading, the class continued their Book Advertisement work.  I will post progress pictures tomorrow.

After recess, our Kindergarten buddies visited the class.

We finished the day with the monthly Peterson Market place where the students can sell their own personal items or crafts for Peterson Class.

It was a great day, especially for a Monday : )


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