Monday Events

Monday we began Unit 7 in Math. This was a review of basic fractions.  The class worked on pages 185-188.  This includes the Math Boxes 7-1.

We then went to Art.

Next we took the Unit 19 Spelling Test and began Unit 20 Spelling which focuses on the endings -le and -en.

We continued reading Percy Jackson: Lightning Thief

After Lunch we continued our Reading focus on Mythology and Inferring in the text.

We read with Mrs. Sampson’s Kinder buddies after 3rd recess and then conducted our Olweus meeting.  Our Olweus focus this week is gratitude and the kids are expected to come up with 3 things they are thankful for each day and record them on a piece of paper.  These are due Friday.

It was a wonderful day in the neighborhood!


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