Smart Response PE

I have had the opportunity to utilize the Smart Response Responders in my classroom for the past 2 years.  I use them for various activities in all subject areas.  But what I use them most frequently for is quick checks to see what my students know in math and reading.

These devices are simple to setup. You must have a projector and preferably a SMART Board to really get the full worth of devices. Creating a questionnaire or quiz is quick and easy.  The responders will even quick grade the questions for you after the time is up (if you setup a smart document that includes the answers). The responders can also be used for random questions by just accessing the SMART Board and a blank SMART Notebook Document.

I have had the fortune of being the only one in my school that takes advantage of these bad boys and so I am able to use them whenever I choose. I ave tried to advertise the capabilities to the rest of the staff at my school. But they haven’t heeded my advice and the case of 30 remotes still sits in my room.  Works for me!smart response


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